Finding Bad Credit Business Loans During the Holiday Season

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Share this Blog Businesses can have bad credit for any number of reasons, from a long-ago missed loan payment to simply being a newly-formed company. But bad credit can be particularly harmful during the holiday season when many businesses are experiencing their greatest traffic and highest sales. Fortunately, there are several types of loans that […]

Which Small Business Website Platform Should You Use in 2023?

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Share this Blog The best small business website platforms combine ease of use with the tools your company needs to drive sales and growth. It’s never been more important for small business owners to maintain an authoritative, professional website. Website construction and maintenance should be front and center in every company’s business plan, and a […]

10 Tips for Small Business Holiday Prep

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Share this Blog The holidays – generally considered the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day – are the busiest time of the year for many small businesses, and particularly those focused on retail sales. McKinsey and Company are reportedly projecting that the holiday season will start earlier than usual this year and feature a […]

Opening a Dispensary: The Right Loans, and Why You Want Them

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Share this Blog The cannabis industry is on the rise. New states are legalizing the recreational use of marijuana nearly every year in the last decade and even in the states where it’s been legal since 2012, like Washington, the industry has been growing year over year. In fact, Statista projects that by 2025, the […]

Getting Small Business Loans For Companies with Bad Credit: 11 Key Tips

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Share this Blog A poor credit rating can prevent a business owner from getting a loan or add significant costs to borrowing. However, getting a small business loan with bad credit is not as difficult as it once was. In addition, there are steps that business owners can follow to improve poor credit. A small […]

8 Things To Remember About Seasonal Business Loans

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Share this Blog Many small businesses contend with distinct seasonality in which a furious peak season is followed by a dreary slow season. Some businesses peak in the summer months, some peak in the holiday season, and others peak in between. The United States Federal Reserve has shown that employment drops in January and February, […]

The Top Online Small Business Lenders in 2022 (and the Loans They Offer)

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Share this Blog On This Page: Types of Small Business Loans What Online Lenders Look For In a Borrower The Top Online Business Lenders The best small business loan options aren’t just found in traditional banks and credit unions any longer. Online lenders have sprung up to offer new businesses and established businesses alike access […]

How to Find The Right Amount of Inventory to Carry (and Why it Matters)

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Share this Blog On This Page: What’s the Right Inventory Balance? Finding Your Inventory Turnover Rate How To Fix Improper Inventory Closing Thought For any small business making its money by selling a product, there’s a sweet spot to be found in inventory management. You want to carry enough product to meet customer demand, but […]

Business Line of Credit Calculator

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Share this Blog On This Page: What is a Business Line of Credit? How Can You Use a Line of Credit? How to Get a Business Line of Credit Small business owners can use this business line of credit calculator to figure out just how much it will cost them to draw money on their […]

How to Obtain Construction Equipment Financing for Your Small Business

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Share this Blog On This Page: What Do Lenders Want To See in Construction Equipment Loan Borrowers? Types of Loans Available for Construction Equipment Section 179 Tax Deductions The construction industry is one of the most equipment-intensive industries out there. Even the most basic construction projects will require specialized or heavy-duty tools, and some larger […]