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The trucking business is a capital-intensive venture. Every aspect of transportation requires capital, be it maintaining trucks, hiring staff, fueling, or tolling. Injecting funds into your transport company is an absolute must for it to run smoothly.

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When it comes to funding your transportation business, you need a reliable partner. And what better partner than iCapital Funding? We have been providing trucking business loans to ventures like yours. We reckon running a commercial business is no mean feat. That’s why we chip in with funds, irrespective of your credit scores.


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Merits of Trucking and Transportation Business Loans

Trucking companies are the pillars of America’s economy. The logistics industry is estimated to be a $700 billion industry. Trucks are responsible for moving over 71% of all American freights. There’s no doubt; transportation is a profitable business.

To capitalize on this market, your trucking firm needs financing. iCapital Funding is ideal because:

Your Credit Score Doesn’t Matter

Poor credit scores shouldn’t crumble your trucking empire. That’s why we approve most trucking business loans regardless of your credit rating.

Approval Within 4 Hours

Unlike other capital providers, we approve and fund businesses within four hours. Our loan application process is straightforward. It takes less than 2 minutes to fill in your details. Afterward, we review your information and provide fast financing.


Forget about hidden charges. Our business loans come with open terms. We aptly put everything on the table from the start.

Best Loans for Trucking and Transportation Businesses

We tailor-make our loans to suit specific trucking needs. You only need to talk to our advisers, and they will determine which loans will better serve your capital necessities.

Short-term loans are quick loans to cover emergencies in your trucking business. They get fast approvals because they attract fewer conditions.

These loans are ideal if you need capital to expand your transportation venture. They also come in handy if you want to maintain or upgrade your trucks.

Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit is a funding option that always avails working capital to your business. You can access the funds at any time and repay them at your convenient time. This loan is perfect for trucking companies since they require frequent capital injections.

As your transport venture expands, you’ll need more funds to sustain it and conquer competitors. We provide long-term business loans at competitive rates to help your firm achieve such needs.

iCapital Funding provides trucking business loans to existing businesses. We don’t finance startups.