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What would your business do with twenty-five thousand extra dollars? Receiving a traditional bank loan is not always possible or desired for some business owners. Private business loans are a safe alternative to acquiring adequate funding for various projects or investments.

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What is a Private Business Loan?

Private business loans are loans given to business owners that do not require collateral. Generally, these loans exist in the range of twenty-five thousand to one million dollars.

To obtain this kind of loan, you must have a good credit history and an overall credit score of 650. You can receive a private business loan as quickly as two to three days.

Private business loans are not traditional loans as they do not require collateral. Private investment funds usually provide these loans. Therefore, a bank or traditional financing firm does not put up the money.


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Private Funding

Private funding is a beneficial way to access funds for the quick improvement of your business.

Flexible payment options allow for less occurring debt and less financial strain, especially for smaller businesses.  

If you need a loan amount that’s competitive to a traditional bank loan but you are unable or unwilling to go through a bank, a private business loan is an option. These loans are faster to receive than traditional bank loans and easier to manage. However, they will potentially cost more in the long run.

Qualifying for a Loan

To qualify for a private business loan, you must show that you have good credit. Your business must also have a high enough revenue to be considered.

Fledgling businesses are generally not considered, as most investors require the company to have been operational for at least one year.

The amount you receive from private business loans depends on your business’s revenue and monthly bank deposits. If your information is enough to establish a good base of trust between you and your lender, you can receive your desired loan in days.

Hard Money Loans

Hard money lenders are private investors that require collateral before lending money. The collateral is usually real estate. This is the key difference between a hard money loan and a private business loan.

If loans are not given through hard money lending, the lenders rely on the good credit and revenue of the borrower. Sometimes the lenders know the borrowers and assume repayment based on previously established trust.

A private investor results in private business loans funding credit for future investments, or even business expansions.


Private business loans supply quick funds for business use. Qualifying for this kind of loan requires a good credit record and substantial revenue. These loans do not need collateral, but like traditional bank loans, they require a stable investment and prompt payment schedule. 

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