Veterinary Practice Loans

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After completing your veterinary course, you might feel ready to start your business.

Unfortunately, as much as you may have a lot of information on veterinary practice, you may need assistance on veterinary practice financing or vet loans. Financing is even more complicated if you have inadequate funds to help you run the business.

Statistics show that most qualified veterinarians work in private clinics and hospitals since only about 3% of them are employed by the government. This means that securing money to start your vet clinic is a sure way to go.

This is why iCapital Funding offers to help small businesses and see them expand into a large company. Read on for more information on how iCapital Funding can help you in veterinary practice financing.


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What Is iCapital Funding?

iCapital Funding is a direct lending company that helps small businesses around the United States to grow their business. We do this by providing you with working capital, and you can focus on other areas in the business.

We take time to understand and handle each client’s financing needs uniquely. After submitting your application for a loan, you receive the vet loans within 24 hours after approval.

What Do You Need to Apply for a Veterinary Practice Financing Loan at iCapital Funding?

Unlike most loan lenders, we do not demand a lot from you when applying for a loan. What you need to provide for us to determine whether you qualify for the loan is

  1. Three months’ bank statements
  2. Business bank account
  3. A signed application

What Types of Loans Do You Get at iCapital for Veterinary Practice Financing?

At iCapital, we offer you different loan options based on the nature and needs of your veterinary practice. Some of the loan options available that you can choose from include

  1. Short-term Business Loans

These loans have a short limit of time within which you ought to pay, approximately 18 months. 

After you qualify for the loan, you receive the cash within 24 hours. The loan has low credit and revenue requirements and a fast turnaround.

  1. Long-term Loans

These loans are due in more than 18 months. For instance, you may have a long-term with a five-year repayment time. This allows you to build your business and repay the loan stress-free. 

The interest for the loan varies based on the business’ revenue, credit history, and other financial considerations.

Other types of loans in iCapital Funding that you can use to boost your funding options include:

Why Choose iCapital Funding?

With iCapital Funding, the process of veterinary practice financing is fast. The lack of the credit application process makes it even faster. 

Additionally, the waiting time for you to receive the vet financing capital after approval is as short as four hours. We also give you time to build your business, making it possible for you to repay without pressure.