Debt to Income Ratio Calculator

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Share this Blog On This Page: What is a Good Debt to Income Ratio What is a Debt to Income Ratio Debt to Income Calculator Example Debt to Income Ratio Calculations Why do Debt to Income Ratios Matter? How Can I Improve my Company’s Debt to Income Ratio? What is a Good Debt to Income […]

Free Accounting Software Apps for Small Business

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Share this Blog On This Page: Bookkeeping & Accounting Software Ranking Have you just started a small business, but you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for anaccounting software solution? Sure, there are state-of-the-art accounting software options out there, but most small businesses don’t need expensive software solutions and accounting programs. Free […]

How Small Businesses Can Manage Supply Chain Disruptions

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Share this Blog On This Page: Top Supply Chain Issues Steps to Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions How Small Businesses Can Manage Inventory Effectively Supply Chain Management: Beyond Inventory Control The global supply chain continues to stagnate as the first quarter of 2022 failed to provide clear recovery signals. Forecasts from last year (2021) of recovery […]

Financing And Business Loans In New York

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Share this Locations On This Page: New York Business Loan Overview Types of Small Business Loans New York State Resources and Lending Local Lending Programs What You Need to Apply for Small Business Funding Financing and Business Loans in New York In many ways, New York is an ideal state for starting, operating, and growing […]

How to Start Accepting Credit Cards for Your Business?

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Share this Blog On This Page: How to Start Accepting Credit Cards for Your Business? Types of Payment Processing Payment Processor Vs. Payment Gateway Payment Processing and Merchant Services How to Choose a Payment Processor for Your Business Popular Processing Companies Since the overwhelming majority of retail transactions involve the use of a credit card, […]

Where to Find Cannabis Business Loans in 2022

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Share this Blog On This Page: Costs of Running a Cannabis Business Funding options How Can I Prepare? Cannabis businesses can be incredibly lucrative, but starting up and funding them can involve a ton of red tape and difficulty due to the federal government’s cannabis regulations. The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) considers cannabis a […]

How to Apply for a Restaurant Loan in 2022

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Share this Blog On This Page: Before You Apply for a Loan Types of Restaurant Business Loans Term Loans SBA Loans Equipment Financing Business Line of Credit Merchant Cash Advances Business owners have any number of options when they consider how to apply for a restaurant loan. The multifaceted nature of the business means that […]

How Equipment Financing Works and What You Should Know

Share this Blog On This Page: What is an Equipment Loan? Upsides to Equipment Loans Downsides to Equipment Loans Should you Lease? How to Get an Equipment Loan How to Choose the Right Loan Whether you realize it or not, there are very few small businesses out there that aren’t highly dependent on equipment.  Office […]

Business Loans for Bad Credit 2022 — What You Need to Know

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Share this Blog On This Page: What Borrowers with Bad Credit Need to Know? Improving Your Credit Best Bad Credit Loan Types Alternative Providers and Business Lenders Bad credit history may mean that borrowing money for your business can be expensive. A bad credit business loan often results in higher interest rate payments and additional fees. However, […]

Why Every Business Should Have a Line of Credit in 2022

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Updated February 24, 2022 Share this Blog On This Page: What is a business line of credit? Why is a business line of credit helpful? How to get a business line of credit Types of business lines of credit It’s impossible to know what tomorrow will bring when you’re a business owner. Business needs can […]