Over Looked Tax Deductions for Small Businesses to Consider

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Share this Blog Finding overlooked tax deductions can be crucial for small businesses to reduce their tax burden and improve their financial bottom line. Small businesses face numerous expenses, and identifying potential tax deductions can help minimize tax liability, increase cash flow, and reinvest the savings back into the business. However, navigating the tax code […]

How to Use Zelle for Small Business Transactions

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Share this Blog Zelle is a service that small businesses and consumers use to make digital payments directly into their bank accounts. Unlike other peer-to-peer money transfer apps, Zelle is embedded directly into the banking software offered by thousands of financial institutions and also is available through the Zelle app, making it incredibly simple to […]

Can Cryptocurrency Be Used as Collateral for Business Loans?

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Share this Blog In short: yes, cryptocurrency can be used as collateral for a business loan. Unfortunately, it’s not entirely that simple. The acceptance and availability of such collateral varies among financial institutions and lending platforms. Using crypto assets as collateral offers certain advantages, such as ease of transfer and lack of geographical limitations, but […]

10 Small Business Trends for 2023

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Share this Blog Business trends are sustained commercial activities that can forecast major revenue opportunities for small businesses. It is important to distinguish trends (long-term commercial potential) from fads (short-term). Because of their nature, fads can fade very quickly without warning, leaving businesses with unwanted inventory or infrastructure. Get Funded Now Applying is free and […]